OUR team

We are a friendly bunch connected in the metaverse our mission is to find homes for the #1234 Drippy Bullz that all have attitude and sass, some have more than they can handle or deserve..!

"drips" Daryl
art Guru

NFTs | Creator | Co-Founder@DrippyBullZ | Owner CardTOONS NFT Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer | Canvasses | Procreate | Fresco

Drips is a UK graffiti and cartoon artist who has been in the industry for many years.
Drips has worked with some huge brands over the past years including the likes of TacoBell. Graffiti has been a passion for Drips since the early school days and he loves using vibrant colours to create his unique crazy cartoons and lettering.

He still enjoys creating physical graffiti art as well using traditional methods and spray cans - yes he can tag!

"J0Jo" Jo

Project Management & website design

NFTs | Creator & Collector | Graphic Designer | Web Design |
Digital & Traditional Artist | World Builder & Spatian

Owner #HeadBallZ

Co-Founder @CJMetaEvents
Web3 Management & Events Planner | World Builders

Jo is a multi discipline artisti with a passion for design and a keen eye for detail. She brings a unique perspective to any project or event she is involved in, utilizing her skills in 3D design, coding and development, graphic design, gallery curation, and much more

With a proven track record of creating memorable and visually stunning events, Jo has a talent for leaving a lasting impression on guests. Her ability to seamlessly blend creativity and technical expertise makes her a valuable asset in any design or event planning project. Whether it's a corporate event, a gallery opening, or a product launch, Jo's attention to detail and passion for design ensures that every aspect of the event is executed to perfection.

Dave Swinbank

Strategic Partner COnsultant

Spaces Host | Consultant | Co-Founder @PolygonAlliance
Co-Founder @Crypto__Goonz | @CartridgePunkz |#ThisIsNotAShill #0xPolygon #GoonzGang #LFGoonz

As Co-Founder of Polygon Alliance Dave has spent a lot of time developing and building long lasting relationships within the NFT Community with creators and project holders alike.
The Alliance has a lot to offer including networking with other Polygon projects, free listing on the website as well as dev, marketing & design support - and so much more.

Dave is also an amateur photographer and you will see many many artists interpretations of his own photography and his PFP, alongside his photos and in his Collabs Collection Opensea

"Yamsdev" Ben
Developer | Web 3 goblin

Javascript | Solidify | PHP | Smart Contract Development & Consultation

Yams has been coding since 2006 and provides consultancy services and contract implementation, as well as developing his own project with staking abilities - $HEKL MyLittleOni is curently minting

CryptoHeckTower is an upcoming P2E RPG that is in development

the team are usually rounding up the herd
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