Drippy Bullz

Project roadmap

pre launch

community building competitions and giveaways

ART Competitions*

Design your own BullZ
BullZ Lineart image will be tweeted out
WInner receives the design as a Airdrop when the project launches, with a further x10 made available as NFTs for public sale - profits reinvested back into the project for further competitions and giveaways.

Lineart Colouring Competition*
BullZ Lineart image will be tweeted out
Winner receives a FREE mint when project launches

Remember to 'bling up' your BullZ designs to be in with a chance to win

Entry details to follow
*minimum entries will apply
*Winners chosen from shortlisted entries by Twitter Picker

community & holders rewards

Project Launch
Raffles and giveaways for attendees

50% Mint
Weekly giveaways start

50% Mint
Colouring contests starts (adult and children categories)
Adults get free mint of BullZ from main collection
Children get a free airdrop BullZ from special children's collection - can you collect them all?

85% Mint Out
Monthly holder giveaways/raffles start

100% Mint Out
Holders raffles - FREE mints for next collection (yes we did say next collection)

100% Mint Out
Monthly Ranch Hand Award from specials collection
Details to follow - but you won't want to miss this

100% Mint Out
Monthly holders rewards - a special NFT BullZ design from the 'Specials Collection'
(free Mint to claim)
Wallet snapshots will be taken
Tiered designs - details to follow

100% Mint Out
Merchandise Shop to be decided with holders vote

Custom BullZ to order - go wild with your imagination and bling for your BullZ!

Live twitter
drawing sessions

with drips

Information about upcoming live draw-a-longs will be posted on Twitter and Instagram

and cowZ ...