What exactly
is an nft?

What is an NFT?
NFT stands for "non-fungible token."

An NFT is basically data that is stored or accounted for in a digital ledger, and that data represents something specific.

An NFT can, for example, represent a piece of art, a music album or other types of digital files.

what is the
Drippy Bullz

Drippy Bullz is a collection of #1234 NFT Bullz with 'attitude and sass'

Randomly generated from combination of more than 200 features with varying rarities in different categories on the Polygon Blockchain.

#1234 Drippy BullZ (with a reserve of 234 BullZ for events, giveaways and the team)

What Do I get with my NFT?
Drippy BullZ are offering holders rewards and further utility for upcoming projects, please see more details in the roadmap

Community Events – this includes access to “holder’s only” giveaways and competitions for the community

Commercial Rights – this means that the holder can also use the NFT they own on any merchandise. For example you can put your BullZ onto a t-shirt and sell it or wear it!

Airdrops – for holders for the duration of the project - see roadmap for more information

Free Mints – for upcoming and new projects.


What does Minting an NFT mean?
Minting an NFT is a term for buying your NFT directly from the project for a set price plus any gas fees
Basically it transfers the item to your wallet and it is yours

After the project “mints out” the collection is no longer available to buy from, and at this stage the secondary market opens up on marketplaces like Opensea, the current holder of the NFT can set the price for it to be sold at

Where can I mint an NFT?
Each project has its own minting schedule. Usually you will be directed to the official link for the project and will be asked to connect your wallet. Once connected you can select how many NFTs you would like to purchase and simply click Mint Now/Buy Now.

You will be asked to sign the transaction on the pop up window of your wallet. Please check that you are happy to do this as this transaction cannot be reversed. Once the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain, the NFT will appear in your wallet but may take a bit longer to appear on OpenSea

Security Reminder: Please DO NOT click on any links other than the official ones posted by the projects official channels

Fake links found in Direct Messages are commonly used as scam tactics to send you to a different and malicious website that could end up draining and compromising your wallet and funds.

How do I mint/purchase a Drippy Bullz?
You can mint directly through our website by clicking the MINT HERE button or using the Minting Now page.

What is the price?
First Herd List - pre launch 15 MATIC
Public Sale 20 MATIC

What is your Smart Contract?
Main collection - First Herd: 0x3A949893324B4cF23E7ce2941F8Bd0087272e3


Are there any plans for another collection?
We do have another collection in the planning stage, that will tie in with the BullZ and lead to further utility for a 3rd collection ........ Moooo !!!

What about breeding?
Stay tuned for more information about this great question.