Drippy Bullz is a collection of #1234 NFT Bullz

with 'attitude & sass'

Contract No: 0xC5CcbE76ee4Fc757CecF0ED4873A561561Be9c0F

Get your hands on unique & collectible digital & physical art on the Polygon blockchain

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Contract No: 0xA2b0B307EdFbC1C7B84e45F7302d35Bd8c2eDCd8

🤠 What do I get for purchasing a Drippy Bullz NFT?

A collection of #1234 Bullz with ‘attitude and sass’

🎨 Free collaboration collection art for every purchaser
(1 DrippyBullZ = 1 Collaborative Art Piece)

Holders will claim via our website -

🎨 Monthly Digital art

Holders will claim via our website -

🎁 Physical items attached to certain NFT’s at point of sale

⭐ Tiered rewards for holders

🎁 Monthly competitions/prizes for holders starting at 50% sold

🤠 Bullz holders will be included in key decisions

🤠 Monthly Q&A with one of our team members, starting July

⭐A Collaborative Celebration⭐

🏆We have collaborated with over 30 incredible artists and projects from the NFT industry to bring a unique reward to people who purchase a DrippyBullZ NFT 🏆

🎁 All holders of an NFT from our First Herd Main Collection are eligible to claim a FREE collab mint

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✨✨Whose Drippy Collaboration piece will you get?✨✨

🎯Can you manage to collect all 36 of them?

This collection comes with 0% royalties

💥If you do manage to collect all 36 make sure to speak to our team 💥

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Contract No: 0x562171Bbb580F69677f68C7eA37a24ef61e149a6

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